Night Hoops gives young people a safe, positive and fun way to spend weekend nights. We use a basketball tournament format, but it is about much more than sport. It is about connecting young people with their peers and with community volunteers in a respectful environment, learning valuable life skills and discovering the rewards of being engaged. 

The Night Hoops program is designed to cater to at-risk young people but the tournaments are suitable for anyone aged 12-18 who live in the areas where our programs are established (Midland, Fremantle/Cockburn, and Mandurah). Find out more and register to play or volutneer here:




We give Aboriginal young people the chance to  share their unique and beautiful culture with peers from all over the world.

Our Cultural Exchange participants are  hosted by United World College South East Asia- one of the world's great multicultural schools; they take part in an international basketball tournament; and  have their horizons lifted by the  experience of travel.

Before leaving they work with mentors to expand their knowledge of Aboriginal culture and while abroad get to share it while forming friendships and discovering the world of opportunities first hand. 




The Young Leaders Program is an initiative which aims to help develop young Aboriginal leaders and create positive role models for the wider community. It leverages the powerful learning environment of the outdoors, and in particular the mountains, as a way to challenge the participants, both physically and mentally.

Stemming from an idea that Patrick Hollingworth after had he climbed Mount Everest, the program is based on the notion that to be fit to lead other people, the leader must first have a solid understanding of who they are as individuals, their strengths and weaknesses, their drivers and motivations. Only once the leader has mastered themself, will they be ready to help others. Find out more about Patrick's program at